Welcome to ‘ESG Stories: Adventures in Responsible Investing’ – the new podcast series from SIF Ireland

As the CEO of Ireland’s biggest bank, AIB’s Colin Hunt has mainstreamed ESG principles into almost every aspect of the bank’s activity as well as providing support for strategic initiatives such as Climate Finance Week.

AIB is also an important partner in the Sustainable & Responsible Investment Forum (SIF) Ireland and we are delighted to welcome Colin as the first guest in the very first episode of SIF Ireland’s engaging new podcast.

We’re calling our new podcast series ESG Stories: Adventures in Responsible Investing. We are doing so because we recognise the sense of excitement and adventure – and reward – that this ESG journey and responsible investing journey is having across all asset classes. We want to share some of these great stories with you all on a regular basis.

The series is presented by Stephen Nolan, one of Ireland’s leading advocates for sustainable finance. Stephen is Managing Director of the UN Environment Financial Centres for Sustainability Network (FC4S) and in this first episode called ‘The Social Licence’, he chats to Colin about ESG, climate change, sustainability – and Covid 19.

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The podcast is a must-listen with insights from one of Ireland’s most important CEO’s on topics including AIB’s ESG strategy, the social responsibilities he holds for all of the bank’s stakeholders and how Covid19 is changing all of our working lives.

Colin also shares his own aspirations for the future of our fragile planet and gives his thoughts on what he calls ‘the Social licence’.

He says: “An institution doesn’t only have a regulatory licence, it also has a societal licence, a licence to act on behalf of all the stakeholders it serves and it needs to be deeply conscious of the breath of that array of stakeholders.

“Us as a generation have to ensure that we do not accede to a situation where we hand this planet onto our children in a worse state than was handed to us. That is at the very core of the social licence and true sustainability.”

It’s a fascinating listen. Make sure to subscribe to ‘ESG Stories’ wherever you get your podcasts. It is available in Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud and others.

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